Let's Get Ready to Order your Suit

The Ordering Process:

If you have a specific style and color or suit that you would like message me the details and I will make sure I can get all the correct materials for you. If you're not sure yet what you want you can request a swatch pack to see the fabrics I have in stock. I live in Los Angeles where we have a fabulous garment district so it is very easy for me to get new materials to fit your needs.

Choosing your style:

I offer several different styles. Please check with your coach as to which suit is right for you and the show you are competing in. 

Getting The Right Fit:

If you order a practice suit along with your suit for the stage I will make you the practice suit first for you to try on to ensure the right fit. You will also get your practice suit at a deep discount.

If you would like to try on a suit to check the fit but do not want to order the practice suit you can request a "fitting suit" You pay $50 and I will mail you a suit to try on and I will provide you with a shipping label to mail it back. We can go back and forth as many times as you need to ensure the right fit. Once you commit to buying a suit that $50 fee will be applied to the cost of your suit. If you choose not to buy from me then just the cost of shipping will be taken out of the $50 fee and the rest will be refunded to you. 

*If you are local to southern California and want to fit a suit you are welcome to set up an appointment for an in person fitting at my studio in Burbank. 

Returns and Exchange Policy:

I do accept returns or exchanges. The suit must be returned undamaged. 

Let's get Started!

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Color Choices

Here are the fabrics I currently have in stock. Photos don't always show up the same colors on all devices so if you would like to see the fabric for yourself you can request a fabric sample and I will mail you a swatch Please fill out the form below to request swatches