go-go Amy's Sewing and Design Work

go-go Amy learned to sew from her grandmother when she was 6 years old. She fell in love with the art and found a way to combine it with her other passion, theater. She got her start in NYC where she first interned at the Pearl Theater Company at the young age of 14. She worked in theaters and did custom work all around New York City and even got to work with one of her idols, famed Broadway designer, William Ivey Long on Epic Proportions starring Kristin Chenoweth. She attended 3 years at NYU's Tisch School of the arts until she moved to California to work in Film and Television. 


Along the way go-go Amy found her way onstage and produced her own touring variety show, The Pretty Things Peepshow, which performed worldwide for 10 years. She made all the costumes for that show and started using her sewing skills to become a quick change magician in an act that she still performs to this day. 


go-go Amy now resides in Burbank CA and works as a costume designer, seamstress and costume crafts person. She has been able to create and contribute to some amazing projects including the broadway musical "Head over Heels" (the first ever broadway show to feature and openly Trans performer as a star), MAC cosmetics "Pretty Shiny Things" Line, The 2017 Halloween episode of The Price is Right, Tours for Ozzy Ozbourne, Janet Jackson, Lenny Kravits and more!

She runs an Etsy shop that provides custom made swimwear, lingerie costumes and more. Check it out here: www.etsy.com/shop/gogoamy